What is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is often descibed as snowboarding on the water.
Instead of sliding down a mountain, we use a boat that pulls us on the water. The wakes produced by the boat are used as a ramp.
The position on the board, but also the jumps are comparable to those made on a snowboard: grabs, rotations and flips are a few examples.

The reason why wakeboarding is a lot of fun:

It's very easy to learn.

Coaching is probably the most important thing, so good instructions and an experienced driver are necessary.

Riding the wakeboard...

= wave produced by the boat


= riding a board sideways

Mute grab on the canal Kortrijk-Bossuit

Wakeboarding started as a combination of surfing and waterskiing. By the lack of wind (or waves), we attached a rope to a boat and surfed behind it. That's about 13 years ago.
I'm not claiming that we invented wakeboarding by doing that, but it certainly was the first step to the sport we know now.
Only years after the waterski-industry began the production of special boards for this watersport-variant.
A few years later they sold more wakeboards than waterskies. That was the start for the (mostly American) manufacturers to produce more and more wakeboard gear.

The boats were also adapted to wakeboarding: a 'pylon' changed the pull-down force in a pull-up force. More weight was putted in the boats to make the wakes higher and bigger.

Correct Craft 2001

What is wakeskating?

Wakeskating is the combination of wake- and skateboarding. When you wakeskate the board isn't attached to your feet. Just like in skateboarding you use shoes while riding.
The goal is, just like in the rootssports, to do tricks. Those tricks can be wakeboard-tricks such as grabs, spins, ..., but also typical skatetricks such as one footers, shove-its, kick flips,... .
Wakeskaten is een vrij jonge sport die zeker en vast groeit bij skaters en wakeboarders. Wakeskaten wordt veel moeilijker ervaren dan wakeboarden.
Wakeskating is an pretty new competitionsport with an official EC and soon also a WC.

Eef ready for take-off: in his lefthand the handle, in the righthand the wakeskate. On his head the helmet, wearing a lifejacket, ancle-protectors and shoes on his feet!

Getting on the water with a wakeskate isn't much more difficult than with a wakeboard. It isn't necessary to have any wakeboard-experience, but we noticed that good wakeboarders can recall on their earlier experiences. If that rider is a good skateboarder, then is doesn't take very long before he/she can do some tricks.
It's necessary to wear protection-gear. The board isn't fixed to the feet so their a big chance that the board will pop into your head after a fall. Take this advice: wear protection: Lifejacket -always required-, Helmet -strongly recommended, unless you like gabs :)-, ancle-protection - to avoid those "pain-in-the-ass-wounds" that don't heal fast when you often get in the water-.

What is wakesurfing?

Wake surf

Wakesurfing is pretty much the same as surfing the waves on the sea with the slight difference that you now use the wakes behind the boat.

The easiest way to get the wave is to start by using the rope/handle. We shorten the rope to about 1 - 2 metres behind the boat. Once you got the wave, throw the rope in the boat. Ride the wave now ... the endless wave!

ATTENTION: Don't ever do this behind a boat with an outside motor or Z-drive. The prop gets to close to the rider!!

Wake surf