Anno 2000 : de 'Intensity'

The accomodation of the O'Neill Wakeboard Center is the ship 'Intensity'. When Karen and I bought the ship it was called 'Wenfred'...

Rebuilding the interior of the ship

The ship (type = 'Spits'') was build in Peronne in 1962. These ships were mostly used for transport of materials like sand, grain, salt, ... in the 50's and 60's. Nowadays these ships aren't used for transport anymore. 'Spitsen' are very hard to find, especially if you're looking for one in good condition. But ... "what you see is what you get" isn't always true.

hoe we hem kochten

The hold of the ship is 30 meters long. Perfect to make a bar, a shop and dressingrooms in it.

On our way to the super wakeboardspot in "Bossuit" we made a pistop on the docks of Hemiksem. There, the bottom of the ship was fixed and the was replaced, something we hadn't planned ...

To make the ship more stable we putted 18 ton of gravel on the bottom of the cargo.

Do we need more gravel ?

In the mean time the hold has been abraded. The cargo is 30 metres long and 3 metres high ... 180m is equal to 200m of dust !

The floor and the accomodation was installed. Step by step the cargo started to look the way we planned...

The ship was painted, on the inside and on the outside, even underwater.
Inside the walls were painted in grey. The outside of the ship became red with a white line.

De kajuit wordt onder handen genomen.
Het schip met tribal op de kont
De achterkant van het ruim

Some of the plates that cover the hold were replaced by transparant ones. Now we have daylight in the cargo. This is the spot where there proshop will be build.

A bas was made and installed.

De voorkant van het cargoruim.

Outside "an artist named stew" tattooed ... ehm ... painted a tribal. Stew first sketched his drawing on the ship. He was still putting the first curls on the wall when his sketch disappeared in the water. He said it was no problem ... he still had the artwork in his head and now we know he certainly did! The result is absolutely wonderfull

Thanx to all the helpers !!